Cross-trade & Risk Management

Cross trade involving 22 countries

Since 1999, Charles Kendall have been the major service provider for a leading manufacturer of stationery products. Handling over 2000 TEU of ocean freight and 1.5 million kilos of airfreight per annum for them and encompassing 22 countries.

Since the partnership began, they’ve consistently achieved an excellent key performance indicator record – evidence of their skill at adapting to the changing needs of a genuine multinational.

The Track & Trace system gives clients global visibility, and allows varying levels of security access across the globe. Being able to disseminate information on critical milestones meant the client was able to boast of a cost effective supply chain.

Charles Kendall have also been able to reduce direct costs through competitive pricing, without compromising service, and to control air and ocean freight to and from the US, as well as cross trade consignments involving third countries. They’ve also provided consultancy on customs compliance across the world.

In 2009, Charles Kendall conducted complex supply chain risk assessments, as the customer's needs diversified to include the developing world, where mature supply chain infrastructures do not exist.

Charles Kendall have shortened supply chains, by introducing faster and more frequent departures, so the client can maintain smaller inventories worldwide. And they've measured these enhancements within a culture of continued improvement through regular KPI reports.

Our track and trace system

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"We’ve shortened the supply chain, by introducing faster and more frequent departures"