Damage-free transit solution

End-to-end transit protection for sports equipment

A market leading manufacturer of sports, gymnasium and lifestyle equipment was looking for an improved transportation and logistics solutions for a range of it's products through their international supply chain and within the EU.  The Company had previously experienced problems with damage to stock whilst in transit so was looking for a partner they could trust to provide a high quality, damage-free supply chain to market. 

The company appointed Charles Kendall as International Corporate Logistics provider in May 2006 based on the strength of their comprehensive processes, quality checks and training.  The new Charles Kendall logistics solution was trialled in March of 2007 and proved immediately successful . The customer benefitted from a combination of savings along with upgraded communications, faster transit time, improved load factors, reduction in transit damage and improved customs compliance. 

By using a range of coordinated packing materials, equipment and processes, Charles Kendall ensured that the cargos were provided with improved protection and stability throughout the supply chain, whether being loaded, unloaded or stored.

Charles Kendall also implemented a “DC by Pass” operation which substantially reduced the transportation costs by delivering goods directly to market.  The end result was a total cost saving throughout the supply chain of $1 million per annum. With a programme of  continuous improvement in place, involving the track and trace facility and regular quality checks, Charles Kendall were able to offer full end-to-end transit protection and deliver on their goal of a Damage-Free Logistics environment.

Delivering damage-free logistics

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"We were able to deliver on our goal of a damage-free logistics environment & additionally implemented a continuous improvement programme"